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What is Theophilus Files?

Five years ago, while finishing my Master of Divinity, I wrote these words:

“Dr. Luke stands as an example for the modern preacher in today’s church. Luke teaches us how to preach about our resurrected Saviour, using theology and history to enrich the church and the world. Luke’s gospel shows the modern preacher how to proclaim Christ Jesus to our culture today.”

It’s those words that motivate this blog!

I am not much of a writer, I have lots of ideas but I can’t quite get them down on paper, so please forgive the writing! I am much more of a preacher. However, today I am a preacher without a pulpit! I worked in a church for four years, but God called me to something else, now I don’t get to preach. To fill the gap I have been convicted to blog!

But I don’t want to be responsible for just another theology blog or just another place for someone, a little frustrated with church, to give his or her view of church and how it could be better. I feel called to write short, culturally provocative and from the heart posts based, initially at least, on Luke and Acts.

For those of you who know Luke and Acts you will probably know why the blog is called “Theophilus Files” if not just click along the top and find out who he is and who Luke is.

All I am simply intending to do is start with Luke, take the story and retell it. I want to retell the story in a way that might make sense today.

This blog is as much for me as it is for you. I find the discipline of daily biblical study quite hard, this is my accountability tool. So hold me accountable, if you stumble on this site leave a message and lets engage or email me

I do not intend to publicise the blog in any way, so if you find me the Lord has sent you (or at the very least google!). But really this blog is all about the person described in the next tab, Jesus. He is the one whom everything is all about, so I trust all of this is to his honour.


Doctor Luke2012

If you want to read the paper referenced above, click the link below

Luke as preacher essay


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