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Danger Blindness

May 21, 2012

Last week we looked at Luke 3:4-6. The problem is me! When things go wrong who is to blame!

There is nothing worse than that moment when we realise: This mess is nobodies fault but mine! It’s another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into.

At work, problems happen, our first instinct is to say “aye but………”

At home, something goes wrong, all too often I turn to my wife and my first instinct is to blame her, or blame the kids, or blame the bank, the electric company, the next door neighbour or some unseen hoodie. Anyone but me.

The worst feeling in the world comes, when you look around the room, when you look at your life and realise, all possibilities are exhausted, you are to blame.

Here is the thing: it’s your fault. That isn’t an easy thing to say or hear, but it is your fault.

The path that is our life is not straight, we can’t see the danger round the corner, so the instinct is to blame the danger unseen, rather than blame our stupid decisions.

We are danger blind, or to be more accurate, we are blind in our sin.

There is nothing we can do, we are a “brood of vipers” we are just a bunch of snakes, all hoping that when the blame game stops that we have been clever enough that the fingers don’t point at us.

Well here is something I’m working on, here is maybe something radical. Take the blame for as much as you can, as often as you can. It is amazing how people react.

Give it a go! Try it today and let me know how it goes for you, I’ll let you know how it has been going for me over the next few days!

Taking responsibility for our sin is the first step in ending the danger blindness of our lives

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